Northfield St Nicholas Primary Academy

Commercial requirement:

The primary school had a variety of areas which needed brightening up with tough, kid-proof artificial grass. Many of the areas with natural grass had become bald and rather tired looking over the years. It is very hard to maintain natural grass in such environments and the ongoing maintenance is just another expense which schools have to fund. However, the areas where the artificial grass needed to be laid were not easy to reach!

How we helped:

The main area which required covering was behind the school, and the only access was through the school itself! This in itself was a problem, but now imagine the corridors which required heavy duty machinery being carted though, also being wall to wall glass! We covered everywhere with floor coverings, just in case the glass shattered, and used a micro digger for the job. This amazing piece of kit allowed us to dig even in the tightest of spaces and fit through the doors to transit all waste. As we are experts in grass installations, specialising only in this field, we offer the added bonus of knowing exactly how to provide a very thorough service but without it taking hours of extra head-scratching time.

The result?

Great finish to the school playground using artificial grass

Now an attractive, student-proof, mud free and bald-patch free area!

Artificial grass for schools, academies and education places

Forever green spaces – a great place to learn, play and work in!

One very happy headmaster, hundreds of happy children, absolutely no broken glass and 450 Sq m of artificial grass installation supplied and finished in only three days!

Meadow Brook Playcare

Commercial requirement:

The nursery required a soft and durable outside play area for children, which could be used all year round. Real grass is sometimes not suitable for such areas due to the mud, the wear and tear on the grass, the maintenance and costs, the bacteria which can be found in muddy/grassy areas and also the allergies that real grass can induce.

play group garden before artificial grass was installed

The play garden before some much needed TLC was applied!

How we helped:

We provided an artificial grass area with shock proofing hidden underneath which adds an extra soft landing from tumbles and falls. The grass we chose is perfect for children – soft but tough. These grasses are amazing as they look nautral, never scratch feet, hands or knees and also prevent children looking as though they’ve been mud wrestling. The grass is incredibly easy to clean and maintain which ensures the area is hygienic whilst offering a wonderful area for little people to safely explore the world!

The result?

Clean, soft, safe and all year round fun for the kids!

Very happy parents, over-the-moon staff and the toughest critics of all, absolutely love their play area!

Drainage problems!

Residential requirement:

A frequent problem of living in East Anglia is dealing with the soil – large areas are basically made from clay. The Pear Tree Café contacted us as their garden was becoming the scene from a horror movie. They had to constantly battle with a quagmire in the winter and then rock hard, impenetrable ground in the summer.

What drainage problem?!

How we helped:

Their garden really was tricky for them, we could understand why they were pulling their hair out! It was virtually unusable for the majority of the year and when it was, mud and dirt spread everywhere – not many of the patrons were overly impressed. In order to combat the drainage problem, before laying an artificial lawn as normal, we applied an aggregate base. This allowed the soil to properly drain all water and not, as it previously had, settle on the top.

The result?

artificial lawn in elderly couple's garden

Now a beautiful, low-maintenance café garden

At 7am in the morning the garden was a genuine disaster zone – by 5pm that evening, a beautiful garden for customers to sit outside in!