Install artificial grass lawns correctly

Install artificial grass lawns correctly

I thought it might be helpful for people who want to install artificial grass lawns to actually see the different processes which are involved. This should help you understand how your garden will be effected, how long it may take and the skill and knowledge required to do your garden proud!

How to install an artificial lawn

The difference an artificial lawn can make!

  1. Initial quotation – with any company which specialises in artificial lawns, you should expect a free, no obligation quotation. This entails an expert conducting a one-to-one survey – visiting your home, listening and discussing your personal requirements. They should next assess your needs on their individual merits and find the artificial grass solution perfect for you. Next, you should receive their quotation, and when you are completely happy, these should be the future steps to install artificial grass lawns:
  1. The area to be transformed should be clearly marked out.
  1. A team will dig down into your soil by a minimum of 75 mm creating a clean, flat area.
  1. A Geotex membrane is laid down onto your newly dug area. This is a permeable material and allows the ground to easily drain rainwater, protect your artificial grass and prevent weeds from growing.
  1. The area will then be fine scalped – this is where a compacted base is created from added crushed granite. This allows for a solid foundation, but also aids drainage.
  1. The team should then hand-screed sharp sand to a maximum depth of 10mm as too much sand comprises the quality of the base and causes settlement issues.
  1. A second Geotex membrane will then be laid.
  1. The area will now be ready for your grass to be carefully cut in and laid, exactly to your requirements.
  1. Next, the grass should be dressed with a silica sand. The sands weights the turf, forces the grass pile to stand upright, reduces distension and generally improves the appearance.
  1. The final process – sit back and enjoy your new garden or dream space for many, maintenance-free years!


  • Obviously, the time it takes to transform a space into your dream area will depend upon a variety of variables – size of area, how much clearing is required, levelling etc. But for many of the gardens I have laid, the whole process often takes only one day, in some incidences it has taken just a morning to change a miserable plot of land into a great space to relax in! 
  • I would genuinely recommend hiring a respectable company who solely specialise in artificial grass. It will take them a lot less time than a gardener, you will receive a far greater understanding of what will occur and you will be advised of the grass to suit your exact needs, rather than a one-grass-for-all attitude.
  • The overall finish will also be of a much higher quality and will ultimately cost you less in terms of time and money.

Artificial Grass Solutions provide a personalised and professional service. We are highly skilled installers with expert knowledge in this specialist field, we are not gardeners who offer grass installation as a quick added extra. If you would like to know more about any of these processes or how Artificial Grass Solutions-Suffolk can help you, please call 07511 658669 or email