Leiston Town Football Club

Case study requirement:

Leiston Town Football Club contacted us with concerns regarding their dug out areas. 

As you can imagine, these types of areas are in constant use – usually at the worst times of the English year too! 

As the football season is during the autumn and winter months, the dug outs, with constant footfall from the players, linesmen, managers and referees, looked muddy, dirty and rather shabby. The grass simply never got a chance to recover or have the opportunity to be reseeded or tended.

How we helped:

We advised the LTAA to install a grass requiring less in the way of brushing and maintenance.

The chosen turf also has dead grass infills that creates a realistic looking pitch, which is mud and mess free all year round. This has ensured that the footballers can practise all year round without fear of ruining the area and upsetting the aesthetic. As we dug the area out properly, allowing for drainage and heavy footfall, those involved with the maintenance side of the pitch now no longer have to concern themselves with the stress of weeding, feeding or mowing. 

The result?

Dugout at Leiston Town Football Club

The brand new, weather and footballer-proof dugout!

A maintenance free, stunning looking dug out which is used all year round, whatever the weather!

Woodbridge Gym

Case study requirement:

The owner of a new gym wanted to create a space which incorporated the outside in!  As a modern space designed to help people keep fit, the owner wanted a quirky design to help inspire, even when the going gets tough! Natural green areas are far more attractive then large concrete environments, but real grass inside such a place was not an option, especially with costly maintenance considerations.

How we helped:

A gym is a space which houses heavy machinery and large footfall. We installed two different types of grass, one was a short pile suitable for the heavy weights section and a longer pile for floor work – we even placed this up the stairs! Under all areas we placed shock pads to not only take the pressure off human joints and bones but to protect the floor from weights and other sporting accessories from being accidentally dropped and damaging the floor beneath the grass.

The result?

Gym in Woodbridge finished internally with artificial grass

The outside brought in! Two varieties of grasses suitable for different equipment and training

Stairs covered in artificial grass

Even the stairs were given a facelift!

Facebook review of artificial grass

One happy customer’s review!

A fresh, fun but practical longterm solution to a previously uninspiring environment!